End of the Year Inspiration

As May fades into June, both students and teachers are counting down the days to summer vacation. We hope you all get time to relax, enjoy a good book, spend time with family and friends, and really unwind from the taxing work you do throughout the school year.

But, before you check out for the summer, there's still tests to grade, lessons to plan, and students to teach. We're here to cheer you on to the end! Keep scrolling for some fun ideas to keep you motivated right to the end.


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Where do Fun & Imagination Meet?

On Creativity Street®, of course!

We're so excited to share Creativity Street's new look and new home with you!

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Riverside 3D™ Challenge

We had the pleasure of exhibiting at You can MAKE it in Northeast Wisconsin, a career expo focused on the manufacturing industry. The event was sponsored by NEW Manufacturing Alliance and hosted in Greenville, Wisconsin.

Several local manufacturers gathered to share career opportunities and engage with 7th-grade students from both Greenville and Hortonville, Wisconsin. Students chose who they wanted to meet with prior to the event and visited the manufacturers in assigned groups. It was great to teach the kids more about Pacon, and learn the career paths they were starting to think about.

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Valentine's Day Projects

Looking for a unique valentine for your special someone? We have you covered. Scroll through these lovely ideas and find the inspiration you need to get crafty.

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Composition Book Guide

Pacon offers many styles of composition books to meet a wide range of needs, grade levels, and uses. Composition books typically feature a sewn or taped binding that securely holds the sheets together. Without a spiral binding, the books can be stacked together on desks or in backpacks without getting tangled. Read on to learn about our most unique composition books.


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This was our first year exhibiting at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) conference and we had a blast! All four Pacon representatives said the same thing: "Let's do it again next year!" 

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Catalog Sun Part 2

Our graphics department has been hard at work putting together the 2018 catalog, and in August we shared the history of our catalog covers. If you recall, we alluded that this year we're giving our Graphics Manager, Steve, a break from crafting a creative sun. So who was in charge this year?

Meet Samantha.

Samantha was a very creative intern who helped the marketing team out with several projects, including this year's catalog cover! 

Read on to learn more about Samantha and get a sneak peek at this year's sun.

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Ella Bella Photography Backdrops

Ella Bella® Photography Backdrops are easy to use for photographers of any skill level. These versatile paper backgrounds are available in over 25 patterns, and are perfect for a wide variety of photography needs including cake smash sessions, newborns, child, seniors, maternity, pet photography and more!

"The best thing about our backdrops is that they do not require a professional backdrop stand," Lori, product manager, said. 

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Mind Sparks® Learning Games

Our Mind Sparks™ line of learning games provides a fun way to engage children and help teach math concepts, foreign languages and sentence structures. Mind Sparks offers a variety of card games, foam blocks and dry erase games that make Learning & Fun ALL IN ONE!™

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Teachers' Corner: Meet Ashley N.

We're excited to turn our blog over to Ashley N., a Kindergarten teacher in Marquette, Michigan. Ashley's mom is a member of the Pacon Customer Service Team, so of course she is very familiar with Pacon, and was already using several Pacon products in her classroom. We love how bright and colorful her room is.

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Catalog Sun

As we prepare our product catalog for 2018, we are taking time to reflect on the past 20 years of catalog covers all created by our Graphics Manager, Steve. Since 1997 he has been tasked with turning our sun logo into a three-dimensional piece of art for our catalog cover and he has never let us down.

Read on to get to know Steve and take a look at his catalog art collection.


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Teachers' Corner: Meet Eileen C.

We teamed up with Eileen as she prepped her classroom for the coming school year. Eileen bought decorative accents from Schoolgirl Style, and used several Pacon products that coordinate with the woodland theme she chose.

Eileen comes to us from Omro, Wisconsin, and we're happy to turn our blog over to her so she can share all the details!

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Back-to-School Decor Ideas

Fall will be here before you know it, and you'll be welcoming new students to your class. Have you started prepping your room yet? Here are some tips and ideas to spark your imagination.

Fadeless® Paper is great for on any bulletin board display, but can be used on other spaces too! Depending on the surface, it can be stapled, taped or tacked in place.  

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Paper 101: Board and Basis Weight

What does "basis weight" really mean? What is the difference between poster board and railroad board? With so many paper terms, it's hard to keep everything straight. Even for us Pacon folks.

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Classroom Photoshoot

See our behind-the-scene photos from our elementary school photoshoot, featuring our new Mind Sparks® products, Fadeless® Paper and Riverside® Construction Paper. The children were great to work with, and were excited to play games and create projects for us. 

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Riverside Paper Company

Today we celebrated 10 years since acquiring the Riverside Paper Company. This acquisition brought Pacon a wealth of resources, including employees, brands and history.

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The Early Years

Fadeless® Paper was developed in 1960, and is still one of Pacon's most recognized brands. Its true fade-resistance color impressed teachers then, and continues to today.

Even older than Fadeless Paper is Corobuff®. This unique corrugated paper was developed in 1954 by Bob Allen, a sales representative. Without Corobuff Paper and Bob Allen, the Fadeless brand may not exist.

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Pacon + Fresh Artists

This year, we launched our Art1st® Gold Frame Watercolor Paper in collaboration with Fresh Artists. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of this paper goes back to Fresh Artists.

This student-grade paper works well with any wet media. It features a placard to easily display the artist’s name. The gold frame instantly turns any work of art into a finished masterpiece!

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Wiggle Eye Week

Our mission is to show the world that Creativity Street® Wiggle Eyes can bring life to anything!

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Get to Know Pacon: Sam

Meet Sam, Pacon's Associate Educational Aids Product Manager. Learn about Sam's role and the products she manages.

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Now You See It™ Art Papers

Create beautiful works of art with Now You See It!™ Art Papers. Our black or white coating is easy to scratch with the included wooden stylus to reveal a rainbow of colors, or even bright or metallic solid colors.

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Project Page

Our website features over 120 projects to inspire your next creation! Finding your next project is easy with our advanced filter options on the left side of the page. Sort projects by difficulty, products used, grade level or category.

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Bulletin Board Tips

Time is a precious commodity for teacher, so we’re here to offer some tips on ways to make a unique, interesting bulletin board you can keep up all year. Both Fadeless® Bulletin Board Art Papers and Bordette® Borders offer fade-resistant colors, so your displays can stay brighter longer!

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